Self Represented Services Grant

Description of Self-Represented Services Grant

I. Name of Program: Access to Justice Initiative & Justice for All - Self Represented Litigant Grant

II. Description: The primary aim of this grant is to aid law libraries and other community centers in providing the education and materials necessary for self-represented litigants to adequately represent themselves in court. Several organizations throughout Georgia have proven invaluable in providing resources. Aid will primarily be granted to those programs with an existing track record of aiding litigants and that can show continuing need in their community.

III. Scope: This program aims to strengthen existing tools for self-represented litigants with a preference for law libraries.

IV. Purpose: The purpose of this program is to strengthen and standardize the resources available to self-represented or “pro se” litigants, such as self-filing forms, pop-up legal clinics, and to explore low-bono models of attorney representation.

V. Criteria for the Award of Grants: The expected uses for the grant should aim to aid litigants in one or more of the following ways:

a. Forms for self-filing: providing litigants with the pleadings they will need for court, along with teaching them about self-represented forms, the purpose behind these forms, and how to complete them.

b. Local pop-up legal clinics: hosting clinics attended by lawyers who can provide the community with brief consultations regarding legal issues they face.

c. “Low Bono” representation: providing the community with (or connecting them to) lawyers willing to provide legal services at discounted rates to those in need.

d.  Miscellaneous aid for self-represented litigants. 

Distribution of funds will be decided on the basis of need, prior effectiveness of an existing program, and other related factors. Funding will be limited to a cap of $5,000 per award.

Self-Represented Services Grant APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS